Whistler Weekend

Backdating again! If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably know that I lived in Seattle for a year. While there, my friends and I spent a weekend in Whistler, one of the top ski destinations in North America. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I did take some, enough for a brief blog post. Here it is!

Also see: my internship in Seattle, which includes weekends in Vancouver and Victoria.

IMG 094_2

Whistler is a quintessential ski village. I’d never been to one until here, but years later I would go to Mammoth, and the two cities are very similar. Whistler felt a little more European though, and also was more expensive.

IMG 088

My friends and I were struck by how empty Whistler was. Maybe the end of April was too late in the season? I don’t know; it was the weekend, it was a beautiful day, and there was powder on the slopes, so where was everyone?

IMG 097_2

Here’re some people, at a ski/snowboard event. Still not as many as I’d expect, especially with an event taking place.

We had no idea we were visiting on an event weekend, and it was very cool to watch it!

IMG 098

Of course, we had do to some of our own mountain adventures, as soon as they let us up…

One of Whistler’s many slopes. This was a beautiful place, and the skiing/snowboarding was great!

Well, that marks the end of this post, I told you it’d be brief! But before I go, let me add that Whistler is awesome and it is a beautiful place; if you like skiing/snowboarding, you must visit!



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