Los Angeles! How to do it!

Inspired by my latest Europe vacation, where my girlfriend and I used Rick Steves’ travel books like bibles, I’ve decided to write my own travel guide for Los Angeles. I’ve met so many travelers who either visited Los Angeles and didn’t like it or are nervous about visiting in the first place. When I hear what those people did/plan to do, I can understand why. Los Angeles is an amazing city, but it is not an easy one. It requires a specific mindset and a strong plan of attack. Hopefully, this guide will prepare you and you can enjoy Los Angeles as much as I do!

As you probably know, Los Angeles is big. Really big. 3,800,000 people spread out over 500 square miles, and that’s just the city (the county has more than 10,000,000 people spread out over 5,000 miles). Los Angeles is also incredibly diverse; official ethic enclaves include: Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Japantown, Thai Town, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Little Armenia, Little Bangladesh, and Persian Square, and there are also significant Russian, Jewish, Armenian, and hugely significant Mexican and African American populations. Los Angeles also has a ton of industries (film, television, music, comedy, architecture, fashion and apparel, sports, research and education, aviation, astronomy, real estate, finance, shopping, theme parks, and so on). Because of this, there is a lot to write about! To keep organized, I’ve divided everything into sections. They are:

Feel free to go in order or simply check out the subjects that interest you. Whatever you do, enjoy!

Featured image: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photography by Carol M. Highsmith. Edited by Diliff to remove noise and dust, also straightened. Public Domain


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