1YoT Leg 1: US (and Canada) Roadtrip

Lots of people have been asking where Inna and I are going on our one year of travel. And we’re not secretive, so we tell them: the US, Europe, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to know more, so over the next few days I’ll post some detailed posts about our plans for the next year.

NOTE: Due to pricing, availability, political/economic situations, and our own desires, Inna and I are being very flexible and our travel plans, which will most likely change as the year goes on. These are our plans as of June 2016.

First up, our US roadtrip:

us roadtrip5_2

We looked at a lot of variation for our roadtrip, eleven by my last count. Since I have strong ties with Seattle and have been promising to take Inna there ever since we met, every trip we planned started with us driving there. Then to Glacier, then to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

After this, things changed. My favorite trip involved going south from Grand Teton to Arches and Mesa Verde, then through New Mexico (Chaco Culture, Carlsbad Caverns) to Texas (Big Bend, the Alamo, Austin, Texas BBQ), the deep south (New Orleans, Alabama’s civil rights landmarks, Great Smokey Mountains, southern BBQ), and finally to New England. Unfortunately, this trip was just too long, and we’d also miss Chicago where Inna and I both have family, so we elected to go with the above trip instead. An added bonus for the above trip, we get to visit Mt Rushmore, Wind Cave, and Badlands, and the weather will be better.

At one point we considered the ultimate US roadtrip, which would basically consist of both of the above trips, one going north then east from Southern California to New England and the other going south then west from New England to Southern California. That trip was really long. Also, since the second destination after our US roadtrip is Western Europe, it made sense to end in New England, where flights are shorter and cheaper (they are cheapest out of Toronto, hence we are ending our roadtrip there).

Some specs on our trip as it is currently planned: we will drive ~7200 miles through two countries and nineteen states (seven of the nineteen we are only driving through, but the rest we will stop in), we will also cross the US/Canada border three (or five) times, visit twelve national parks, nine national monuments, one national scenic area, one national recreation area, fifteen national memorials (mostly in Washington DC), countless national historic landmarks, three wonders of the modern world (ASCE, 1994), one wonder of the industrial world (BBC, 2003), one finalist in the New7Wonders of the World, ten of the twenty most visited attractions in the United States, six of the hundred most visited cities in the world (including one of the top ten), one sporting event (baseball at Fenway park), five UNESCO world heritage sites, and lots of family and friends.

Got an advice for us on this trip? Things to do, places to eat, places to stay? Send us a note in the comments. We’d love to hear it!

Continue onto leg 2: Western Europe! Or start reading about the actual trip!


3 thoughts on “1YoT Leg 1: US (and Canada) Roadtrip

  1. If you’re in Jackson Hole (Grand Tetons), check out the Snake River Grill (delicious dinner) and the Rodeo. Also, rent a bike from Dornan’s and amble your way through the park.


  2. Thanks for letting me know that the flights are cheapest out of Toronto. The Ultimate US Trip sounds tempting as well. You went BIG on this trip 😀


    1. Flights are not necessarily cheaper out of Toronto. They were only cheaper around the time we booked. We didn’t get the best deal on that flight; I think we could have gotten a better deal if we had bought closer to our travel date.

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