1YoT: New York City Part 3 – Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Driving into New England

Our last two posts were on Manhattan, one of five New York boroughs. Of the other four, Inna and I visited two: Brooklyn and the Bronx. Here is the post about them.


Even though we spent most of our time in Manhattan, we stayed in Brooklyn. Here’s the dog at the Airbnb we stayed at. He was adorable and made us miss Leia even more.


A couple blocks from our Airbnb (across from Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s version of Central Park) was the Brooklyn Museum. We went in the lobby but did not go further than that.


Also in Brooklyn is beautiful and famous Coney Island. This place reminded us a lot of Santa Monica and to a lesser extent Venice Beach.

Three Coney Island attractions, Parachute Jump (built for the 1939 World’s Fair, no longer in operation), Cyclone (built in 1927, still in operation) and B & B Carousel (not pictured, built in 1906, still in operation) have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Parachute Jump, pictured left, is known today as “Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower”.


Next to Coney Island is Brighton Beach, New York City’s Russian district. We drove through but didn’t spend a lot of time here.


Here is my buddy Hovsep, one of two producers on The Silence Inside Us. He was living in Brooklyn when we visited, so we made sure to see him. We also visited one of Inna’s friends during our visit, but we forgot to take a picture with her.


We only made one stop in the Bronx: Yankee Stadium. The stadium was actually disappointing, as there was almost nothing outside, not even statues like at Wrigley. Also, the neighborhood wasn’t as fun.

That marks pretty much everything we did in the non-Manhattan boroughs of New York, which means we’re almost finished with New York as a whole. The last thing we did was drive through the city, from Coney Island through Brooklyn, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through Manhattan, and through the Bronx. We did the drive on a Sunday; there was no traffic and it was amazing.


Driving through Brooklyn, under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.


Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge, on our way to Manhattan.

Driving across this bridge was just as spectacular as driving across the Golden Gate.


After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, we drove through Manhattan. Here is the city with the Empire State Building in the distance.


Like Brooklyn, our Manhattan drive was almost directly along the shore. It was gorgeous!


Finally, we reached the Bronx, where once again we saw Yankee Stadium.


And finally we left. Goodbye New York City! Boston, here we come!


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