1YoT: The Great Barrier Reef

Finally, we’ve made it! I promised this post after Melbourne, but it took a while to get our material together. We’ve got nine videos to show you, all taken from Inna’s dives at the Great Barrier Reef.

Inna went on six dives during our stay at the reef; she actually went on an overnight excursion, leaving me all alone for two days and one night. I went on two snorkel excursions during this time, but Inna took our camera, so the videos are hers.

Before we get to the videos, here’s a quick rundown of the animals we saw:

  • Inna: two white tipped reef sharks, several sting rays, two sea turtles, triggerfish, clownfish, parrotfish, sweetlips, unicornfish, wrasse, sea bass, angelfish, fusiliers, and tons of other fish
  • Gabe: three white tipped reef sharks, two sting rays, and tons of fish

Alright, lets get to the footage! First up, a couple stills:

It’s a beautiful day to be in the water. And look at how clear it is!

Here is me getting ready for the water and Inna already in.

And now, the videos! Please note that the date and time at the upper left of each video is incorrect.

0:30 Sea Turtle
0:55 Sea Turtle
3:50 Dead Reef
5:40 Triggerfish

Lets start with our favorite: sea turtles. Sea turtles are so exciting to see underwater; they swim so elegantly but seeing it is weird; they seem out of place and the whole thing is surreal. As for the triggerfish, in this part of the world triggerfish are known to attack humans, but only when defending their nest. Inna got lucky this particular triggerfish didn’t knock into her; they do that sometimes, and can even leave bruises!

Sharks are very exciting to see underwater, so long as they are harmless. White tipped reef sharks like the one above are almost completely harmless, as are most sharks that aren’t hammerheads, bull sharks, or great whites.

In my opinion, this school of fusiliers is one of the most beautiful things Inna has ever captured underwater.

Inna also swam in a school of sea bass. While not as beautiful as the fusiliers, this looks like tons of fun!

This marks the end of our individual animal clips, but we have several more videos of the reef and the fish around it. There’s lots of good stuff here so be sure to check them out!

1:04 school of Yellow Damsels
1:33 Chromis?
2:17 another Chromis?
2:36 Humbugs (Zebrafish?)
3:03 Titan Triggerfish
3:08 dead reef
3:12 Nemos (Clown Anemonefish) and Three-Spot Dascyllus
3:37 dead reef
4:31 Rockcod?
5:37 big fish, can’t tell what kind
6:20 Sea Cucumber?

0:09 Parrotfish?
1:30 Damsels?
2:25 ?
2:57 ? x2
4:05 Plectorhinchus (Sweetlips) and ?
4:47 Unicornfish and Damsel?
6:18 school of blue(?) fish
6:45 Parrotfish?
and way too many more to even try to identify.

0:01 Rockcod?
0:04 Swarthy Parrotfish
0:27 Bullethead Parrotfish
0:47 Slingjaw Wrasse
0:55 Blue-face Angelfish
1:25 ?
1:35 Blue-face Angelfish
1:52 close up of reef
3:04 dead reef
3:40 more dead reef
4:38 another Rockcod?

And there you have it, nine videos from the Great Barrier Reef. Inna actually recorded more than three hours of footage on her six dives, but the above clips are what we think is the best. We hope you enjoyed them, and now we can’t wait to bring you even more dive footage, from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia…

But like always, we have to get to these destinations first. Up next, we finally leave the expensive western world and head into inexpensive Southeast Asia. First up, the island of Bali in Indonesia!


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