1YoT: Bali Part 2 – The Ubud Monkey Forest

Having explored Bali, dove Nusa Lembongan, and visited Borobudur, Inna and I were coming to the end of our trip through Indonesia. However, we still had two days before our flight out of Bali, one of which would be spent traveling back to that island. But what to do with the other?

One option we considered was taking a train to a boat to a bus back to Bali. This would have taken two days, saved us some money, and also could have been a fun adventure. Another option was to spend the extra day in Yogjakarta and visit Prambanan.

We didn’t do either of those options. Instead, we flew back to Bali a day early, and gave ourselves one more day on that island. The reason: the Ubud Monkey Forest.

We first heard about Ubud when we originally arrived in Bali, but we went on the temple tour and then to Nusa Lembongan instead. Knowing Ubud was a monkey forest and that we saw a pet monkey on our temple tour, we were pretty content to skip it. But thankfully, on our way from Lembongan to Yogjakarta we met a super-sweet Maryland couple who were avid travelers and told us the Ubud Monkey Forest one of the most awesome places they’ve ever been. And not just in Indonesia, or even Southeast Asia, Ubud was one of their favorite places in the entire world.

Then they showed us a picture from the place. The picture was of the wife standing with her arms out, a monkey sitting on each shoulder.

Ho-ly shit.

That was not the monkey experience we had. We were going to Ubud, no question.

Getting back to Bali with enough time to visit Ubud meant flying again. Here we are at the airport, where we found a strange gravity warp.


There’s a lion on our plane! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


This was our hotel for our second stay in Bali. It was beautiful and right in the middle of the tourist area, all for the same price as our previous stay on the island.

One thing we didn’t mention in our first Bali post was how spectacular the statues here were. Look at these things! So intricate and huge, they were unlike any statues I’ve ever seen.


The day after we re-arrived in Bali, we headed to the monkey forest. This photo was taken from it’s parking lot. 


Located on three 650 year old temples, the Ubud Monkey Forest contains more than 600 monkeys in a 12.5 hectare area, right in the middle of the city. The monkeys have split into six groups, each one occupying a different section of the forest, and they are everywhere! The best thing to do is buy bananas and feed them. It was so much fun!

This is how you feed the monkeys. I tried to get one on each shoulder like in the picture I saw, but I wasn’t quite that successful.


The monkeys themselves were mostly indifferent to humans, only interested in our food, after which they would leave. Except this one. He took a liking to Inna and hung out with her long after finishing his treat. It was super cute!


In addition to the juvenile and adult monkeys (none of whom were that big) there were also babies! The moms were very protective of these guys, so we couldn’t get too close.


The moms couldn’t protect everyone though. Remember how the monkeys split into six groups? Well, the groups don’t get along and when they cross paths they often fight. Inna and I encountered one fight during our visit, the result of which was the monkey in this photo dripping blood.

Here is a breakdown of the monkeys in the forest. In the picture to the right, the monkey, after staring at the pictures for a long time, did what looked to us like trying to give the lower-left picture a hug. Afterward, Inna looked up whether monkeys are intelligent enough to identify other monkeys by their picture. Apparently they are.

Alright, enough with the sad stuff, lets watch more playing!

How about a final picture before we go? Or how about two? I can’t decide which I like more, so I’m including both.


With that, we come to the end of our visit to Ubud. On our way back, we drove through this freeway interchange over water. A freeway change over water? I’ve never seen anything like that.

Inna and I finished at Ubud with enough time to stop by the beach, something we didn’t do our first stay in Bali. However, we were surprised to find that the beach here was disgusting, completely filled with trash! For those who say environmental protections are unnecessary, check out the photograph upper right.


The beach was gross so we didn’t stay long, instead we went to the movies and watched Rogue One. The next day we were off, leaving Indonesia and onto our next destination. So long Bali! So long Indonesia! You’ve been amazing, and tons of fun!

Want to see where we went next? Well then head over to our next post!


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