1YoT: The (mostly captive) Animals of Kuala Lumpur

Inna and I don’t generally go to zoos, as we prefer to see animals in their natural environment. We don’t go to aquariums, animal shows, bird parks, and so on for the same reason. But we kept finding ourselves at these places in Kuala Lumpur; some were great, others were okay, all had wonderful animals for us to take pictures of.


Remember this picture from our last post? This is Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Park, an amazing place where we saw lots of unique creatures.

Here are several of the many butterflies we saw. The bottom picture actually contains five butterflies; can you spot them all?


Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Park has tons of butterflies, and even more on the way.

In addition to butterflies, the Butterfly Park also contained several tanks with amphibians and sea life.

As great as the butterflies and sea life were, my favorite part of the Butterfly Park was their insect collection. I’ve never seen insects (and scorpions) as incredible as these. If nothing else, they were huge! By far the biggest I’ve ever seen. I’m glad they were behind glass, otherwise we’d be freaking out!

The camouflage on some of these creatures was amazing. Can you spot the praying mantis on the right?

If the above weren’t enough, the park’s dead insect collection was even more impressive than their live collection. The park had collections like these for several different species, each one the biggest and most impressive/creepy I’ve ever seen.


The only displays that weren’t creepy were the butterfly displays. They were beautiful.


These guys, named Snake Head Moths, are the weirdest animals I’ve ever seen. First, check out how big they are; at ten inches tip to tip, they are the second largest moths in the world. But more striking than that, these moths have snake head images on their wingtips. These help the moths survive by scaring off predators who mistake the image for an actual snake.


Here’s a closer look at the Snake’s Head Moth. Nature is amazing.

This brings us to the end of our Butterfly Park visit, a visit we enjoyed way more than we thought we would. From the Butterfly Park we went to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, another animal park that we heard was excellent. Unfortunately, this park charged more for admission than they advertised, something Inna and I find very annoying. That combined with our satisfaction with the Butterfly Park and with the fact that we’ve seen so many birds on our travels: we decided to skip Kuala Lumpur’s Bird Park on this visit.

Up next: Cave Villa, where several animals were housed outside the Art Gallery/Museum Cave.

We didn’t go to Kuala Lumpur’s Bird Park but we saw several birds here, including… an albino peacock?


Money shot! 

Here are some of the other animals housed outside the Art Gallery/Museum Cave. It was a pretty random collection; I’m not sure why they had the animals they had.


We described the Art Gallery Cave in our last post, now we’ll describe the museum portion of the cave. As you can see above, the museum is really more of an aquarium, and I hope the animals here are okay, it didn’t seem like the best environment for them.

Why might the animals not like it here? Three reasons: it was cramped, dark, and hot.


It wasn’t all bad though, as the museum helps protect local species. Here is one of them, still in its egg, just after hatching.


I know the concept of happy and sad don’t really apply to animals like these, but this fish just looks so happy; it makes me feel a little better about this place.

That brings us to the end of our Museum Cave visit, an interesting but not particularly enjoyable place. This also bring us to the end of our captive animal tour of Kuala Lumpur, but we still have more animals to show! For even though Kuala Lumpur is a major metropolitan area, it still has wild animals roaming about.


Monkeys! We saw these guys on our way to the Butterfly Park. Monkeys are actually dangerous in this city, mainly because many are trained to steal purses and jewelry. These guys were okay though; they kept their distance and were only focused on each other. Viewing them was great!

More monkeys, these located outside Cave Villa. These guys were so cute and generally kept to themselves, except for one that jumped on some lady and tried to grab her bag.

This marks the end of our wild animal tour of Kuala Lumpur, just some monkeys but monkeys are awesome!

Up next, we’re headed to mainland Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. First stop, Vietnam and its most populated city: Ho Chi Minh City, formerly and also know as Saigon.


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