What our travel plans look like now

For several years now, I’ve kept a map of all the places I’ve traveled, and also all the places on Inna and my travel list. Lets take a look at how much that changed with our year of travel.

Here’s what the map looked like before we left (blue represents places I’ve been, gold is places I’ve been and want to go back, green is where I’ve lived, and red is our to do list):


As you can see there is a lot of red on this map. That’s because we love traveling, and there’s so much we want to do. From all the above, on our year of travel we knocked off:

Wow, that’s a lot. Especially when you consider all the things we did that weren’t on our list.

So what does our map look like now? Lets see:


What the what? There’s more red now than there was before!

This is what happens when you travel: the more places you go, the more places you want to visit. Everywhere we went was amazing, so why wouldn’t we want to go even more places?


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