1YoT: Best Food Experiences

Inna and I are huge foodies, and if you ever talk to us about our travels, you’ll find that the conversation quickly becomes about food. We visited some of the best food destinations in the world on our trip, and here is our post dedicated to them!

First up, the best of the best:


Gelato in Bologna

The gelato in Bologna, specifically the gelato from the shop below our cousin’s apartment, was so freaking good. Seriously, it was the best of *any* food we’ve ever had, not just on this trip, but ever. We went there almost every day we were in Bologna. We definitely went enough for the employees to recognize us, this despite us only being in the city for a short stay.


Pizza and pasta in Tuscany

Even outside of gelato, Italian food is so good! It is very different than it is in the US, and the best was in Bologna and Tuscany. This was where we spent most of our stay, and we ate a lot. We didn’t even have to go anywhere special, just the average corner café would have the best meal ever. It was so much fun and so delicious and Italians really are the masters of food.


Every meal in India

Italians might be the masters of food, but so are Indians, for as good as the food is in Tuscany, it is that good everywhere India. Seriously, we visited southern, western, northern, and central India, and every place we went the food was incredible! Even non-Indian food, we had the best American breakfast on our trip and Korean food we’ve ever had while in India. Then, when we crossed the border into Nepal, the food quality immediately dropped, and significantly too. What is going on here? It defies logic, like Indian cooks have access to special ingredients; that or they are superhuman.

And now, the best of the rest:


Chicago deep-dish pizza

Inna and I aren’t big fans of deep dish, but the pizza we had in Chicago was so good. It wasn’t even special either, just some sports bar near Wrigley (and also Lou Malnati’s, but the Wrigley sports bar was better!). No matter, we’re now sold on Chicago deep dish for good.


New York bagels and cream cheese

New York is also known for pizza, but in my opinion their bagels are better. And even better than their bagels was their cream cheese; they have so many flavors, each one so delicious. It made for the best breakfasts we had on our entire trip!


French bread sandwiches

Europe makes the best bread, and their most famous one is French. French bread sandwiches were my favorite meal on my first Europe-trip, and on this one they were just as good. Tuna in particular was our favorite, but the chicken and salami sandwiches were delicious as well.


Swiss chocolate

Switzerland (along with Belgium, a country we didn’t visit) is known to have the best chocolate in the world. And they really do. We had chocolate bars, chocolate macaroons, and hot chocolate while here (all this despite how expensive everything was in this country), and they were so good.


Dutch sweets

Like bread, Europe also has amazing desserts. And the Netherlands definitely shined here: cookies, pie, chocolate, pancakes, they were all amazing. And the Dutch also have this thing called a stroopwafel; we never heard of it before but it was awesome!


Maria’s Boemboe Bali Warung

Maria’s Boemboe was located outside our resort in Nusa Lembongan and it was so good, we must’ve gone here every day, sometimes for both lunch and dinner. And not only was the food amazing, but it was cheap and the restaurant was run by the nicest family, it was run out of their home and they had puppies that played in the dining area while we ate. Can you ask for a better place than that?


Pho in Ho Chi Minh City

Unfortunately it is hard to find good pho in LA (we found a place in Chinatown but it went out of business, probably because pho is not Chinese). Because of this we were very much anticipating the pho in Vietnam. But surprisingly, it wasn’t amazing everywhere, in fact the further north we went, the worse it got. But the pho was amazing in Ho Chi Minh City (our southern-most destination). Every time we went to a restaurant here (minus New Year’s Eve) we got pho, and every time we were blown away by how good it was.

20170301_134538 copy

Thai street food

Sometimes you have to wonder: how do certain places do things, and why can’t everyone do it that way. It was like that for Indian cuisine, and it was like that for Thai street food. Every time we had street food here it was the best, whether it was chicken, fish, pad thai, soup, salad, etc. One place even had vendors in canals, cooking and serving street food from their boats; even then, the food was awesome!

20170422_114122_LLS copy

Ukrainian resistance meal

This post is about best food experiences, but so far all we’ve talked about was food. This restaurant however, was definitely our favorite restaurant from our trip. It was built into a former Soviet resistance hall, and it completely keeps up the theming, even requiring a password for entry. The whole experience was like an immersive museum where you eat. And since the food was food Inna grew up on, that was great too.

20170426_185326 copy

Pierogi in Krakow

When we went to this locally owned pierogi place in Krakow, everything sounded so good that we ordered more than we could finish. The owner, also the chef, and also a Polish grandma, saw this and immediately asked if there was anything wrong with our meal. Awww, just like every other grandma we know! There definitely wasn’t; we went back here the next day because this place was so good.

20170511_162341 copy

Gelato shaped into an artistic rose

The shop that does this is in Budapest, although I don’t get why every gelato shop doesn’t serve their food this way. I mean, just look at those things! So beautiful. The gelato itself was delicious too.

Honorable Mentions: Central Californian tri-tip sandwiches, Chicago dogs, Irish breakfasts, duck and dumplings in Hong Kong, Vietnamese street food, Thai restaurant food, central European goulash, everything we cooked while camping in the US, hamburgers all over the world


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