1YoT: Best Drinks

In our last post, we covered our favorite food experiences during our year of travel, now lets cover the drinks!

PS: If you’re not an alcohol person, skip down to the second half of this post. That’s where the non-alcoholic drinks begin.

20160730_162443 copy

Microbrewed beer in the Pacific Northwest

When I lived in Seattle I fell in love with their microbrew scene; there were so many breweries and every one was so good! My favorites were Diamond Knot and The Pike, so we went to both on this trip. The beer at Diamond Knot was actually disappointing (their food was amazing though), but The Pike was exactly how I remembered it; it was great!

20160807_122400 copy

Microbrewed beer in the Rockies

The Pacific Northwest isn’t the only place with good beer in the US, and we continued sampling all across our roadtrip. We found some great breweries in the Rocky Mountain area, specifically Wallace Brewing Company in Idaho and a sampling of various brews in Montana.


Microbrewed beer in Boston

There is so much great beer across the US, but Boston is known to have the best. And you know what? It does. We enjoyed two Boston brews on our roadtrip: San Adams, which we bought a 24-pack and enjoyed while camping, and Harpoon, a local brewery in the city. We’d actually never heard of Harpoon before but we heard good things so we gave it a try, and man was it good!


Microbrewed beer in New Zealand

Microbrewed beer started out in the US (I think), but now you can find them all over the world. The best we found outside the US were in New Zealand; their microbrew scene was awesome, which was great because it gave us great beer to drink on our second camping roadtrip!

20161005_201908 copy

Guinness / Jameson ginger ale and lime in Ireland

Ireland also has a microbrew scene, and it is pretty good, but there’s just nothing like Guinness in Ireland. This really is the most amazing drink, visiting Ireland is worth it just to have a glass. Unfortunately, Guinness doesn’t taste the same anywhere else, so you literally have to go to Ireland to get a good taste of Guinness.

Interestingly, as good as Guinness is, Inna discovered another Irish staple she prefers: Jameson (a brand of Irish whisky) ginger ale and lime. I thought it was good too but I’m sticking with the greatest beer in the world.

20170621_143812 copy

Monastery beer in Prague

Alright, one final beer and then we’ll move on. In Czechia, beer is like religion, so much so that monks in monasteries brew it, and some monasteries have done so for over a thousand years. This beer tastes very different than microbrewed beer (which far as we could tell has not caught on in Czechia) but it was so good, it’s no wonder than the Czech drink more beer than any other country in the world.


Huckleberry milkshakes in Montana

Moving on from alcohol, Inna and I found several great non-alcoholic drinks on our trip. The first we found were the milkshakes in Montana. Huckleberries are everywhere here and they put them in everything: ice cream, fudge, smoothies, etc. We went for a huckleberry milkshake and it was amazing, one of the best milkshakes we’ve ever had. It was so good it makes us want to go back to Montana!


Swiss Hot Chocolate

We included this when we mentioned Swiss chocolate in our best food post, but hot chocolate is in liquid form, so we are including it here as well. The chocolate in Switzerland is amazing in all forms, including liquid, and we enjoyed it a lot.

20161213_124650 copy

Coffee in Indonesia

Lots of countries claim to have the best coffee, but as far as we’re concerned, the award goes to Indonesia. The coffee was so smooth here, no bark, no bite. And we got this sampler so the coffee came in flavors; Inna’s favorite was ginseng and mine was coconut; it was so good we bought a bunch of instant powder and enjoyed it for the next several months of our trip!


Coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam is another country with great coffee. Especially great was this restaurant in Hoi An; they had chocolate coffee and it was so good. I don’t even know how to describe it other than to say it was amazing, and that we had it several times during our stay in the city.


Thai Iced Tea

Thai iced tea wins. I don’t know what the competition is but Thai iced tea wins it. This drink is so good, no matter what city we were in, no matter what restaurant we were at, this drink was phenomenal. This drink was so good I even preferred it to beer; this is the only drink I’ve ever had that makes that statement true.


Cocktails at Mango Mango

Southeast Asia has the best night markets, and one of our favorites was Hoi An’s. While here, we got drinks at Mango Mango and they were so good; they were actually the best cocktails we’ve ever had. Not only that, but the chef/owner came out and chatted with us, telling us how he learned to cook in Texas, then returned home to open up this restaurant. He was an interesting guy, and his cocktails… oh man!

Honorable Mentions: cocktails in New York City and Florence, Ukranian honey vodka, boba at Hanoi’s night market, Singaporean beer, beer in Toronto and Krakow, Indian chai tea, tea in front of the fire on a rainy day in Ireland


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