1YoT: Totalling it all up

We’ve now posted twelve year of travel favorites lists. They are:

In addition to these, we also have lists we didn’t posted, including: favorite activities, travel routes, surreal destinations, pleasant surprises, animal experiences, skylines, cityscapes, sunrises/sunsets, and I think that is all.

We created these lists in an attempt to answer the most common question we’ve been asked: what was our favorite place? Honestly, the answer is everywhere: every place we went was so unique and amazing, each one offering its own wonderful experience. It is impossible for us to pick only one favorite, which is why we made all these lists.

For our final post on the subject, I thought it would be fun to look at each list and see which destinations showed up the most. This destination won’t necessarily be our favorite, but it will be the destination with the highest number of our favorite things. And while I’m not sure what that means, it definitely means something.

Here are the results:

Tied for 15th place (out of ~90 destinations in total), with seven appearances each:

Tied for 8th place, with eight appearances each:

Tied for 5th place, with nine appearances each:

And now, our top 4:

And our top site, the one that appeared sixteen times in our lists, is: New York City.

So there you have it. Was New York City our favorite site on our trip? It’s up there, but probably not. And neither was Kiev our second favorite, nor Florence our third, and so on. But these sites did have the most amount of things we loved, so take that for what it is worth.

Want to know our actual favorite destinations? My top five would probably be the US, Italy, Ireland, Thailand, and Australia, and Inna would probably replace one of those five (not sure which one though) with Vietnam. But then France also belongs, and Bali, and Krakow, Holi, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Coconut Beach, and so many more.

So there you have it. The destinations with the greatest number of our favorite things: New York City, Kiev, Florence/Pisa, Bali, Bangkok, Prague, and Giant’s Causeway. And our favorite destinations: the US, France, Italy, Ireland, Krakow, Holi, the Taj Mahal, Thailand, Coconut Beach, Angkor Wat, Vietnam, Bali, and Australia. That’s almost everywhere we went on our trip!


2 thoughts on “1YoT: Totalling it all up

  1. Ah man these list are amazing. I can’t wait to start reading most of these blogs. The world’s majestical. I’m not sure if you have an article on this, but how did you manage to afford for your travels. Did you get paid to blog the destinations, or did you guys save up. If so what’s a good budget?


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